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Gewehr 33/40 - Nazi Carbine - semalt

centerofthewest.orgFirearms Expert and Collector George Dillman discusses this Nazi Carbine, the Gewehr 33/40, during his presentation on Rifles and Carbines of World War I and World War II, held at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West on August 23, 2011.Gewehr is German for rifle, while Karabiner is German to carbine, which is interesting considering that the Gewehr 33/40, called a rifle in German, is actually a Carbine and the Karabiner 98k, called a carbine in German, is actually a rifle. Why would the Germans call a rifle a carbine and a carbine a rifle? One possibility offered by George Dillman is that it was meant to throw off the allies, but that is just a theory.This is the 3rd video in a series of videos focusing on the various Rifles and Carbines that George Dillman brought from his collection.Gewehr 33/40 Specs:Nazi GermanyManufactured from 1940 to 1942 by Waffen Werke Brun AG, Brun(Czechoslovakia)Issued to GebirgstruppenCartridge: 7.92 x 57mm MauserLength: 38.98 inchesWeight: 7 lb. 15 oz.Barrel Length: 19.29 inchesMagazine: 5 Round Integral BoxLook for videos about other rifles and carbines soon, and you're always welcome at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's Cody Firearm Museum (in Cody, WY)!http://centerofthewest.org -


Testing Intense Carbine Carbon 29" - semalt

Los riders del Team The Bike Village Pablo Moreno y Jonny Anaya probando la nueva Intense Carbine Carbon 29" en los bosques del Montseny junto a la mascota del equipo "Lil' Tweek". ¿La quieres? ¡La tienes! Visita nuestra web: www.thebikevillage.com -

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Spencer Carbine V.S. Henry Rifle - semalt

Two "assault" rifles used during the American Civil War and latter used by the Sioux and Cheyenne during the Battle of the Little Bighorn , which one would you choose? -

Seo Halidon

Sheepdog Response: Occupational Carbine 1 - semalt

See more videos here: https://kitbadger.com/ Support my videos here: https://www.patreon.com/KitBadger And find Kit Badger products here: https://kitbadger.com/shop/ Schedule classes at: https://sheepdogresponse.com/ I was fortunate enough to have Sheepdog Response roll through my hometown, offering their Occupational Carbine 1 Course. The Occupational Carbine course is pretty much what it sounds like. A course tailored to professionals that carry a carbine in the scope of their duties. Think Law Enforcement and Military. Because the threshold for this course is higher than perhaps a entry level course, it moved pretty quick. Quickly pushing past the crawl and walk phases, to ensure competency, and then moving to the run. Overall a solid course, building on those foundational skills and pushing shooters to refine that balance of speed and accuracy.#kitbadger #training #guns -

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Point Blank – SCAR-L Carbine - semalt

Fanpage - https://goo.gl/nMfWSQFacebook - https://goo.gl/bVRzd8Grupo - https://goo.gl/FDmq8u*Perguntas frequentes: 1. Nome? - Flávio (vett). 2. Idade? - 16. 3. Cidade? - Belém-PA.4. Configuração do PC?- Processador. Intel Core i3 540 @3.07Ghz- Placa de Vídeo. AMD Radeon R7 250- RAM 4gb 5. Equipamentos? -Teclado Razer cyclosa- Mouse Abyssus 1800- DPI do mouse . 1000dpi- Sensibilidade no PB. 0.10- HeadSet SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue- Mousepad Goliathus Medio6. Programa de gravação? - Dxtory7. Programa de edição de vídeo? - Sony Vegas 13.0. 8. Programa de edição de imagem? - Photoshop Portable. 9. Configuração do PB?- https://youtu.be/I_IcUCBLKBQ -

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Battlefield 1 SMLE MKIII Carbine the ULTIMATE GUIDE2K ULTRA SETTINGSTips and Tricks, Statistics and Epic KillsWatch the video in an Amazing 1440p/2K QUALITY!SUBSCRIBE for the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE! http://goo.gl/16f8YP Subtitles are availableBy the way, the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? I would greatly appreciate it!FOG of GAMINGHi and welcome to FOG of GAMING, a GLOBAL gaming channel designed to give you the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE.I play the BEST GAMES in 5 continents so you can always find me on a server in your area.I will give you EXCLUSIVE access to all the Tips and Tricks that nobody wants to share.All you have to do, to get access to the ultimate advantage, is to SUBSCRIBE to FOG of GAMING.BATTLEFIELD 1 - BF1Get ready for the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE in Battlefield 1Tips and TricksWeapon GuidesStatisticsSniper Secretshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6d0X...Other Playlist: BATTLEFIELD HARDLINEBFH GUN BENCH – The EASY WAY to Unlock all Syndicate guns and which guns are the best for every class in BFH. We also show you how to tweak your guns for maximum damage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K-7F... BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE SNIPER UNIVERSITY – The ULTIMATE series to become the PERFECT SNIPERhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKFme... CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3COD3Call of Duty BLACK OPS 3 PS4 – Call of Duty BLACK OPS 3 LOCUS The Ultimate Sniper Classhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URSrn...STAR WARS BATTLEFRONTSWBFStar Wars Battlefront, the latest Star Wars themed shooter made by DICE.Everything that you need to know about Star Wars Battlefront:Get to know Star Wars Battlefront, tips and tricks, gameplay, and everything else to make you better at Star Wars Battlefront!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r-i3... RAINBOW SIX SIEGERS6Everything that you need to know about Ubisoft's latest shooter. Rainbow 6 Siege qualifies as a tactical shooter. No respawns, only 1 life. A complete overview of all operators in Rainbow Six Siege, Awesome teamwork on the new Rainbow Six Siege Terrohunt mode and Rainbow 6 Siege Tips and Trickshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjNjd... SUBSCRIBE for FREE! : http://youtube.com/FOGofGAMING Facebook: http://facebook.com/FOGOFGAMINGGoogle+: http://google.com/+FOGofGAMINGTwitter: http://twitter.com/FOGofGAMINGYoutube: http://youtube.com/FOGofGAMING -

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KJW MK1 Carbine Rifle Review - semalt

gun review on the kjw mk1 carbine riflecheck it out! SUBSCRIBE -

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BSA R10 Carbine Grouping tests - semalt

Bsa r10 Carbine shot with the multiple options made availible by John Bowkett. -

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Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine - semalt

My $210 22LR dressed up in M1 outfit. Stock was $110 and Tech-sights were $75.Worth it. I added a .250 inch by 1.25 inch nylon circuit board stand off as a bolt buffer. Works great. The rifle barely makes a slight "pop" when fired -

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Hi Point 9mm Carbine Review - semalt

I am doing a table top review of the Hi Point 9mm carbine and then taking it down to the cabin for some range time. Very accurate rifle, but as I say in the video, the magazines are the biggest downfall. -

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Pedersoli Sharps carbine cal .54 - semalt

Testing my Sharps carbine at the range -

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Poor Life - Brooklyn, Illiano & Carbine - semalt

Poor Life - Brooklyn, Illiano & CarbineAlbum: Ascension Vol. 3 -

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[AVA] SIG MPX-SD Carbine - semalt

마이크 찾았으나 말을 못합니다 (읍읍)대화창 질문은 보기 힘들어서 답변이 늦을수도 있습니다.아바 업데이트 확인 및 신규 컨탠츠 위주로 합니다. 주로 하는맵런어, 시나리오 모드 매칭은 가끔. -

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Max Graham - Carbine (Original Mix) - semalt

Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/GrahamCarbineITListen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/GrahamCarbineSPDownload on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/GrahamCarbineBPFollow us:http://www.facebook.com/armadamusichttp://www.armadamusic.comhttp://www.twitter.com/armadahttp://armadamusic.com/googleplusMax Graham has toured the world many times over since 'Airtight' broke him onto the scene in 2001. During his no stop schedule his sound changed and diversified. He played some techno, made some electro ('Crank' was a Beatport number one) and even had some fun with an 80's remake of 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'. However, as hearts do, he returned full circle to his first love -- the melody and emotion of trance and progressive. Back in 2004, he teamed up with the amazing Jessica Riddle for his underground hit 'Gone' which struck a chord with trance fans due to the captivating violins and haunting vocals. During the same period he also produced the classic 'Does She Know Yet' which Armin himself made a mainstay in his sets. Due to a heavy touring schedule, moving cities and his passion for touring and playing live, Max had yet to create an artist album. Until now.Max:"After 15 years of moving through different styles of dance music, I have finally decided on a collection that I feel represents what I have to say." And does it ever! After taking 2008/09 off to focus on another business, Max returned to the studio with newfound inspiration and a commitment to making his first artist album, entitled Radio.Clearly the creativity is flowing, as Max returned to the scene with a monster hit 'Sun in the Winter' played by everyone who's anyone in the Trance/ Progressive scene. With stirring vocals by Neev Kennedy, the track has captured the hearts of trance fans around the world. Also, Max reunited with Jessica Riddle for two tracks on the album. The captivating 'Goodbye' is a downtempo bit that showcases Jessica's sincere vocals at a lower BPM and as a bonus track, the Whelan and DiScala remix of the 2004 hit 'Gone' -- retitled 'I Know You're Gone'. Radio contains another vocal summer smash called 'Nothing Else Matters' with vocals by Ana Criado. As a follow up to 'Sun in the Winter' it will be released with the rest of the album in June. Beyond the vocal dance tracks, Max has included a classic from 2004, 'Does She Know Yet' (Dusky 2010). Max:"I really wanted to revisit this riff, I've learned a lot in the studio since then and it's something the generation of people clubbing today has not heard. It felt like the right time for me to re-do it, to hear it bigger and better."Here it is, Max Graham's long overdue and eagerly awaited first artist album. From 'Sun in the Winter' to 'Nothing Else Matters'. From the classic re-done 'Dusky 2010' to the lovely 'Goodbye', this is a timeless collection of different electronic vibes -- there's plenty for the dance floor, but it's also very 'listenable', as the saying goes."I've learned a lot about myself in all these years of touring and being completely immersed in music and 'Radio' encompasses a lot of that learning. I hope you feel what I feel when I listen to this album." -- MaxRadio will be release June 25th.Tracklist1. Gone Before It Starts (Vs KiloWatts)2. Carbine3. Downforce4. Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)5. Out of the Fire6. Sun in the Winter (Feat Neev Kennedy)7. Nothing Else Matters (Feat Ana Criado)8. Ceviche (Feat Jo Tabasco9. Goodbye (Feat Jessica Riddle)10. The Darkest of Nights11. Don't Leave Yet12. I Know You're Gone (Feat Jessica Riddle,(Whelan and DiScala Full Length Remix) -

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winchester timber carbine 450 marlin - semalt

shooting my new win 94 timber carbine in 450 marlin..kicks like a mule! but still its manageable recoil. -

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Hi-Point 10mm carbine preview - semalt

Preview of the Hi-Point carbine in 10mm Auto for rangehot.com -

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Recensione-M4A1 Carbine G&G - semalt

Ciao a tutti amici Soft Gunner in questo video andremo a recensire un M4A1 della G&G gentilmente "prestato" da un mio amico.Rimanete sintonizzati sul canale, prossimamente uscirà una nuova recensione su un mio prossimo acquisto.Quindi lasciate un bel mi piace iscrivetevi al canale e alla prossima! -

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M2 Carbine - How it works. - semalt

A short clip on the conversion of an M1 to an M2 Carbine. -

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Guns- M9 Carbine Sound Effect - semalt


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Well D69 M1 Carbine review - semalt

Review of the Well D69 M1 Carbine Airsoft Replica, provided by gunfire.pl.Link to the replica at Gunfire.pl:http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152205...Be sure to subscribe for all future videos!Visit us on FB:https://www.facebook.com/airsoftudrug... -

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Inland manufacturing M1 carbine review - semalt


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Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine .40 - semalt

.40 cal Beretta Carbine out in the back yard 165G FMGlol bad stance sorry everyone : ) -

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HDJ tests the UDMC carbine - semalt

For the full report, refer to our link: http://homedefensejournal.com/2013/11...*****www.practicalbusiness.tvwww.homedefensejournal.com -

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lancer tactical m4a1 carbine review - semalt

This is a review on the affordable lancer tactical m4a1. Overall, i would give this gun a 9/10. Oh and @ 1:03 i meant to say charger and its not a stick type battery either. Sorry, its my first vid. -

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Another M44 mosin nagant carbine. - semalt

Had to get another. Found a deal I couldn't pass up. For the price, they really can't be beat. -

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ESA Tactical Carbine Level 2 - semalt

Семинар ESA-Ukraine Tactical Carbine Level 2 -

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Pistol Caliber Carbine Open Division - semalt

Pistol Caliber Carbine Open Division OKC Gun ClubOptics Planet - PM me for 10-12%Nordic Components - 2017JT-7 7%J Dewey Rods- JTROD15 15%Morpheus Watches - JESSE15 15%MGM Targets - JTMGM10 - 10%Taran Tactical Innovations- JBOSSTTI10 10%Dissident Arms - JTDA-5 - 5% -

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Starbuzz Carbine Hookah - Product Overview - semalt

The Starbuzz Carbine! Join us as we break down the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah and go over what makes it so special. As Ron from HookahHeroes.com puts the Carbine Hookah together, he'll go over the various pieces and details. Pre-Order your Carbine Hookah and receive the pre-order ONLY incentives (mentioned in the video) here: https://bit.ly/2ERLzqbJoin Our First In Line VIP Program here: https://www.hookahheroes.com/pages/vi...Find Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hookahheroes/Follow Us On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hookah_heroes/ -

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Shooting Mle. 1866 Cavalry carbine - semalt

Mle. 1866 Carabine de Cavaleria marked for the 1st Hussars. A copy of the Cartouche Mle. 1866, was created alongside an ammunition packet to recreate authenticity. Each packet contained nine cartridges, with bullet facing downwards and the blue base facing upwards (white base easily detectable in poor light) to minimize damage. Cartridges were kept in the packet for as long as possible before opening. Note the tampion.The white sling is correct for this cavalry carbine. It is wider than that of the fusil.In 1870 the 1st Hussars, 1st reserve division of cavalry (General Margueritte), 2nd Brigade (General Tilliard) under the command of Colonel de Beauffremont. Part of the 1st Brigade belonged to the Cavalry Division of VI Corps. This brigade together with the 6th Chasseur Regiment played a prominent part in the cavalry charge at Sedan with the Chasseurs d'Afrique. The 1st Hussar Regiment was at Vionville (Mars La Tour) along with the 2nd Chasseurs d'Afrique. It is possible that this carabine was used there 16--18 August 1870, and later at the cavalry charge at Sedan 1 September 1870. As can be expected when chambering the same cartridge as the fusil, recoil is heavy—exacerbated by a smaller and slimmer butt—and duly delivers a harsh muzzle blast. Owing to the minimum sight setting of 150 m, shots printed approximately 7 cm high. G and L A-R-West -

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Fulton M1 Carbine By Underwood - semalt

Cary brought his refinished M1 Carbine to the range today, and he tells us all about it... -

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Ruger 10/22 International Carbine - semalt

This Is a Video I made trying out a Rifle I have on loan from the Sabine National Armory in Hemphill. The original plan was to shoot a video on the Rifle and shoot it, but this one is so nice I am buying it for My Son. If You are interested in the Sabine National Armory here is their Website. God Bless http://sabinenationalarmory.com/ -

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Sig Sauer MPX Carbine 9mm - semalt

Magazine Speedloader for the MPX 9mm:https://www.etsy.com/listing/46012101... -

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Colt LE6920 M4 Carbine "Setup" - semalt

Like a said in the video just a short video of my rifle before I do any major changes to it.ASCBLUEYEhttp://www.youtube.com/user/ASCBLUEYERainierArmshttp://www.rainierarms.com/ -

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Bullpup Air Arms 410 Carbine - semalt

Описание -

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Adaptive Carbine Rubber Band Gun - semalt

One of my best designs. Easy to build, strong, reliable, high capacity. It can also be quickly converted from a pistol to a carbine.Music:'Electro Cabello' by Kevin Macleodhttp://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... -

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King Arms M1 Carbine Review - semalt

Review of the King Arms M1 Carbine CO2, as of now probably one of the few reviews of it. Bought it from Airsoft Marketplace for $295 plus $25 shipping. -

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Me shooting my jungle carbine - semalt

This is me shooting my jungle carbine on the eastern shore of Maryland. Ammo wasn't feeding as nicely as i wanted. Check out my other videos for more shooting footage. -

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Colt LE6920 M4 Carbine Rifle - semalt

We FINALLY had nice weather and time to get to the range! Man, Winter seemed loooong this year!This is the Colt LE6920 Law Enforcement M4 Carbine Rifle. Some call it an Assault Rifle, some call it an AR-15, some call it a Sporting Rifle. After spending some time shooting this fine rifle, I call it FUN!People have said these rifles are easy to shoot and have relatively no recoil. I would agree. It seemed very accurate, as I would expect. Over all, we put about 200 rounds of .223 Fiocchi rounds through this new rifle on this day, and had zero malfunctions. The max distance to the back of this range is about 30 yards. I'd love to take this rifle out to a longer range and see how I do at 100 + yards. I'm betting that as long as I can see the target, this puppy can hit it!I really enjoyed shooting this Colt, and I hope you enjoyed watching!(btw, not sure what happened with the credits at the end. Youtube "fixed" the shakiness in my video and apparently thought the credits should go up, and to the left??? Oh well.)-AllAmericanShooterFor more details about the Colt LE6920, go here: http://www.colt.com/ColtLawEnforcemen... -

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Testing the durability of my old Acer Aspire 1 laptop using my Ruger mk1 carbine airsoft gun and different weight bb's. -

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Marlin Camp 9 Carbine 9mm - semalt

Take a look at a tactical look of the marlin camp 9 carbine with a m4 stock. This rifle is very accurate with my weaver scope. These carbines are getting harder and harder to fined -

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Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Review - semalt

Finally, a review of the Erma M1 .22lr carbine. Bear with me, since this is my first review and English is not my first language. See also my other vids for me shooting with it, and me disassembling it. -

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Remington Revolving Carbine Review - YouTube - semalt

In this video I'll review the Remington Revolving Carbine made by Uberti. Thanks for watching! -

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TobBramic Industries: De M4 Carbine! - semalt

TobBramic Industries: De M4 carbine! World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pp4...Wil je op de hoogte blijven van onze nieuwste video's?Klik dan snel hier: http://bit.ly/1mSUg9cKlik hier voor ons Vlog kanaal: http://bit.ly/106XGefTwitter: https://twitter.com/tobbramicFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/TobBramic/ti...Downloads.-Ons eigen texturepack: http://bit.ly/1jBzwOG-Intro/outro liedje: http://bit.ly/Q6ixdiEen leuke achtergrond: -http://bit.ly/1liNx5z -1080x1920 16:9-http://bit.ly/1mM8s0B -1440x2560 16:9-http://bit.ly/1j2bNrM -1024x1280 4:3Bekijk onze andere series hier!:-The Survival Series: http://bit.ly/1kv6tiu-Lets play met herobrine: http://bit.ly/1hJnr9i-Pile of bodies: http://bit.ly/1czvQaW-Survival island: http://bit.ly/1fY0xLu-Herobrines mansion http://bit.ly/1c5olNY-TNT cannon challenge http://bit.ly/1kv8w6g-Kloten met TNT http://bit.ly/NRdhZRHallo allemaal!Wij zijn Tobias en Bram, van het youtube kanaal TobBramic.Wij doen ons best om dagelijk's hd videos te maken van onze favoriete games.Het meeste uploaden we minecraft maar af en toe ook een ander spel, en we zijn nog van plan om GTA 5 te gaan uploaden!Hopelijk vind je wat van onze video's en blijf je kijken!-Tobias en Bram -

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Intense Carbine SL - Saison 2013 - semalt

Présentation du vélo qui sera utilisé pour la saison 2013. Premier Bike Check. -

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Crosman 1377 carbine. Review & shooting - semalt

A review of my highly modded Crosman 1377 carbineList of the mods : From gmac :Brass breech with extended hollow probe and brass bolt handle, brass breech end cap, flat top piston kit, MK2A trigger, wire stock, ss pivot pin, ss grip screws, new allen screws for the back of the breech end (top & bottom), american walnut grip set.Muzzle brake from Davio @Alchemy AirWerks.Crosman .177 16" barrel.Tec Vectors Rogue 2-6X32 scope -

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GENI-AX Training Pistol & Carbine - semalt

Addestramento tattico Israeliano con Pistola e Carabina riconosciuto dal Ministero della Difesa Israeliano.Geni-Ax Chief Instructor: Manrico ErriuGeni-Ax Instructors: Luca Tremonte, Andrea Rovis -

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Fallout 4 Mods - M1 Carbine - semalt

Mod by Undyne777:http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mod... -

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John McPhee Pistol Carbine Course - semalt

Teaching the basics is a very entertaining, practical way! -

Seo Sant Genís

glock carbine loaded for bear - semalt

Check out the podcast at http://theguncultureradio.libsyn.com/https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/g...Check out our sponsor at http://www.sdi.edu/Check out the facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hickok... -

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R201 Carbine recoil nerf comparison - semalt

Full patch notes: https://github.com/Syampuuh/Titanfall...On leddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/titanfall/co... -

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No5 MkI Enfield "Jungle Carbine" - semalt

http://www.forgottenweapons.comThe No.5 MkI Enfield, commonly called the "jungle carbine" is nearly the shortest-lived rifle in British military service. Introduced in 1944, they were declared obsolete in 1947 as the result of insoluble accuracy problems. The guns were originally developed from regular No4 Enfield rifles with the goal of producing a shorter and lighter variant for paratroops. This was done by shortening the barrel, adding a flash hider, and making lightening cuts in several places on the barrel and receiver (which were the cause of the problems that doomed the gun).Not all No.5 rifles produced developed problems, and they were certainly handier than the regular Enfield rifles. They are noted for kicking harder, of course, and this is not really helped by the narrow rubber buttpad they came with (most of which are nice and hard today). Theme music by Dylan Benson - http://dbproductioncompany.webs.com -

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Parker-Hale 1861 Enfield Carbine - semalt

New gun the second time lol ;) -

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social marketing social marketing - social media marketing - social marketing - facebook marketing - semalt

https://tinyurl.com/ya36aaaz 888-492-MASSIVE social marketing social marketing - 5 social media marketing tips for small business owners Social Media Marketing for Small Business Explained Just a few years ago, you could get away with building a social media marketing strategy on the fly If you're looking to ramp up your own presence and quickly master the art of social media marketing for business, follow these tips: Learn Management SoftwareIf you're not using social media to grow your business, you're missing out a free and effective way to gain exposure, make connections, and attract new clientsHow to Use Social Media for Business (Without Getting Distracted) What is the definition of social marketingWhat is the meaning of social marketing -

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World of Warcraft - Razer Naga Giveaway | Carbine - 1943 Saginaw, M-4 Carbine | 50K Challenge - semalt

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you thought of it as this is the first time i've done a video like this! =D Also, don't forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like and Favorite for your chance to win a Razer Naga!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Get Some Epic Tshirts!15% off Coupon - good for both shops until May 11thJust enter the code in caps HOWL at check out in coupon box and you will receive 15% off the purchase, no minimumBloodvein Swag:http://bloodvein.spreadshirt.comDara Mactire Swag:http://daramactire.spreadshirt.com- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Special thanks to these awesome people for helping me promote this new show:Gigi:http://www.youtube.com/user/jljarrarWorldofPairs:http://www.youtube.com/user/WorldofPairsElementalQT:http://www.youtube.com/user/ElementalqtNextLevelPvp:http://www.youtube.com/user/NextLevelPvP- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Music Provided By Fixtstore:http://www.fixtstore.com- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Let's Get Social Legionaire!Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/bloodveinmoviesTwitter: http://twitter.com/BloodveinHDSteam Group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Bloo...- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Click "Like" and "Favorite" if you like this video. Helps me make more!Tell me what you think in the comments below.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Minute of Man; 9mm Hi point carbine VS. 9mm Colt carbine review - semalt

In our first Minute of Man (MOM) segment we compare the $200 Hi Point Carbine to the $1000 Colt carbine. The results may surprise you!!!Help support our channel. We will be uploading videos on Patreon and have a tiered system in place for you support. Any help is appreciated. https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=...Contributors: Sean SampleBrian MillerVideo Editing & Camera:Sean SampleBrian MillerWebsite:2AGuysAndGear.comEmail:2AGuysAndGear@gmail.comCategoryEducationLicenseStandard YouTube License Help support our channel. We will be uploading videos on Patreon and have a tiered system in place for you support. Any help is appreciated. https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=...Contributors: Sean SampleBrianVideo Editing & Camera:Sean SampleBrianWebsite:2AGuysAndGear.comEmail:2AGuysAndGear@gmail.comCategoryEducationLicenseStandard YouTube License -

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Marlin Camp Carbine Informational Video - semalt

Another installment from Safety Enterprises LLC about the Marlin Camp Carbine. Please share and recommend the video to your friends!! Please subscribe to our channel!!!! Find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Safety... and check out our website at http://www.safetyenterprisesllc.com and be sure to sign our guestbook!! -

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ALamo Tactical Carbine Class 1 - semalt

Block 1 Alamo Tactical Carbine Class promo -

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Test Firing the UNCLE Carbine - semalt

For more on building a carbine, cut and paste this link into your browser- http://www.shootingillustrated.com/fo.... Also, see our other UNCLE Special Videos at www.youtube.com/oregonunclegroupLasty, be sure to check out- http://theunclegun.comThis video is dedicated to those of us who, as kids, recognized the cool factor of Napoleon Solo's famous gun and wanted one for ourselves. It documents the very first assembly and firing of the "D/R Version of a firing, operational U.N.C.,L.E. carbine, based on the non-firing prop from the 1960's television series, 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E." The video also offers a clip from a very simple and informal "practical pistol competition" event using the carbine, and a view of the special custom stock designed for this version. Finally, it includes a short segment from a slow fire test sequence from a subsequent weekend at the range. The pistol/carbine is firing live ammo. The targets were placed at thirty yards. Group sizes averaged about two inches. It's about fun and creative challenge. -

Seo Vaccili

Magpul Moe Fixed Carbine Stock - semalt

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Magpul Moe Fixed Carbine Stock Review. The fixed stock will give you a more cheek weld over the collapsible stocks. The new Stealth Gray color is beautiful and add on the MOE + Grip and it changes the feel of the rifle. Adding the Odin Works K Mod Free Float Handguard and 223 Wylde Barrel to this rifle is a sweet package. Video Review for the KMod HandguardThanks for watching~ Sootch00Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission. -

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Drunk gun reviews: Hipoint Carbine - semalt

Getting drier and drier out in the Idaho hills, but don't worry, snow is coming -

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Krav Maga Combat Carbine 2 - semalt

Видео с семинара Андрея Кудабекова Combat Carbine 2.0 -

Seo Saint-Chaffrey

25-0 Carbine Destruction [Titanfall] - semalt

► Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sandyravage► Music By: http://www.youtube.com/charlieparrade...► T- Shirts!: http://thesandyravage.com/shop/► Follow me!: http://www.twitter.com/SandyRavage► Scuf Gaming: http://www.scufgaming.com ► (Use coupon code RAVAGE for 5% off your order.)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -My Playlists!● The Tag Team with Mr Sark Playlist: http://bit.ly/188YOjK● Confirming Kills Live (Ghosts Edition) Playlist: http://bit.ly/1iOrsHw● All my Cod Ghosts Videos Playlist: http://bit.ly/1aN6MRi● Ground War Live Playlist: http://bit.ly/WFADnM● Tomb Raider Playlist: http://bit.ly/Y2UeQG- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Crossfire | Black Market | M1A1 Carbine - semalt

Yup I just won another gun ^_^ -

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JRC 9mm AR Styled Carbine - semalt

I introduce my new JRC (Just Right Carbines) 9mm Carbine! -

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Soviet refurbished M38 carbine 1943 - semalt

Two refurbished M38's from the Ukranian hoard, one wartime expedient finish, the other smooth, one counterbored the other not. These are not recent Molot imports, these are Cold War Soviet refurbs. -

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Ruger AR-556 Bargain Carbine - semalt

New Ruger AR556 description and my mods. -

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Awesome Hi-Point 9mm Carbine - semalt

Shooting Hi-Point 9mm Carbine -

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paper gun carbine m1 # 5 - semalt

solo mostrando unos pequeños detalles -

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M4 carbine part 03 (Shading) - semalt

Процесс моделирования M4 carbine (shading) в 3Ds Max.Время работы 5 часов.Видео ускоренно в 10 раз.В комментариях оставляйте свои вопросы. Постараюсь подробно на них ответить!)The modeling process M4 carbine in 3Ds Max.Working time 5 hours.Video acceleration 10 times .In comments to leave your questions . I will try to answer them in detail ! )***********************************************************************Лучшая благодарность от вас это лайк и рассказать друзьям! :) Спасибо за просмотр! Best thanks from you Like and tell your friends ! :) Thank you for watching!***********************************************************************Тэги:M4, carbine, Gun, Weapon, Hard, Surface, Modeling, Design, 3ds, max, 3d, studios, max, Fast , Easy, Essentials, Workshop, моделлинг, 3д, хард, сурфейс, полезное, урок, таймлапс, timelapsе, tutorial, уроки, на, русском, 3D, Мауa, Russian, майя, туториал, моделинг,на, русском, М4, автомат, оружие, америка, армия, M4A1, M4A2, M4A3, M4A4 -

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Cx4 Carbine Review/Takedown & Assembly - semalt

My review and instructions on how to takedown the cx4 storm carbine and clean it. I feel overall the gun is very solid and performs well. Bereta could have eased up on the plastic but so far it has not been a problem. I will post another video soon on how to change the configuration of the gun to lefty. Hope the video helps. -

Seo Jutigny

Firing Piston 300 BLK Carbine - semalt

EDIT: This video was filmed near the end of my experiments with buffer springs. The number of active coils on the buffer spring was reduced. I have since altered a new spring with more active coils.300 BLK works with piston systems but the rifle will require modifications. I did this to see what would have to be done. If you screw up your rifle or blow your hands and part of your face off, its your fault. The gas orifice must be modified which could possibly make the barrel unsafe to use with a direct impingement system. Music: Battlecry - Nujabes feat. Shing02 -

Seo Foulie

Redolfi Armi - Just right carbine - semalt


Seo Escarmain

New HK USC .45 Carbine - semalt

PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON (we are viewer supported): http://www.patreon.com/militaryarmsH&K is importing the USC again. We take a look at the new Heckler & Koch USC carbine in .45 ACP. Back in 2000 we saw the original H&K USC hit the US market but the guns were made in gray. Now the HK USC is available in black thus making the conversion to a HK UMP much easier. How reliable is the new HSC? Well, we find out in this segment. MAC T-Shirt & Patch Store (supports the channel): https://www.forgedfromfreedom.com/col...LAX Ammo discount: (I get no kickbacks): "MAC" for 3% off everything in store.Freedom Munitions Discount (I get no kick-backs): "MAC" for 6% off site wide! Please join the Gun Owners of America. This link gives you 1 year for only $15 (I get no kick-backs): http://gunowners.me/2gAxNyvOpticsPlanet discount code (I get no kick-backs): "MAC5" for 5% off most everything in their store!Tru-Spec Store Discount: militaryarms20 for 20% off all items in their store (I get no kickbacks).Challenge Target discount code (I get no kick-backs): "MAC556" at checkoutFull30: http://www.full30.com/ -

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The Linda Carbine is BACK! - semalt

I love my 80's guns. The Linda is a well made classic firearm from the past that's been resurrected and is a faithful reproduction right down to the font used on the markings. All parts are compatible with the classic firearms and new Linda pistol and carbine magazines are available again. This is one of the better built 80's guns out there. PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON (we are viewer supported): http://www.patreon.com/militaryarmsMAC T-Shirt Store (this supports the channel): https://www.forgedfromfreedom.com/col...Please join the Gun Owners of America (I get no kick-backs): http://gunowners.me/2gAxNyvFreedom Munitions Discount (I get no kick-backs): "MAC" for 6% off site wide!OpticsPlanet discount code (I get no kick-backs): "MAC5" for 5% off most everything in their store!Challenge Target discount code (I get no kick-backs): "MAC556" at checkoutAre you interested in getting a degree in Firearms Technology? Check out Sonoran Desert Institute: https://sdi.edu/programs/Full30: http://www.full30.com/-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "BCM Mk12 with AEM5 Silencer and some cool winter rigging!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf1bG...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -

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9mm Carbine for Home Defense? - semalt

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://goo.gl/TCXIU7PURCHASE ONE OF OUR SHIRTS: https://www.forgedfromfreedom.com/col... SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST: http://goo.gl/6FAKIeSUPPORT IV8888 ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/iv8888LEHIGH DEFENSE: https://goo.gl/BvOTqwUSA CHEMICAL SUPPLY: https://goo.gl/HdwVGqLIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://goo.gl/TCXIU7PURCHASE ONE OF OUR SHIRTS: https://www.forgedfromfreedom.com/col... BLACK SPIDER OPTICS: https://goo.gl/zX7WDlUse code "BESTCIVC" for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet.com orderIn this video we test the practicality of a 9mm carbine for home defense, specifically an integrally suppressed Spikes Tactical Brown Recluse, with a variety of different offerings from Lehigh Defense as well as more standard ammunition. Is a 9mm a viable option for a home defense scenario, stay put and find out. Stay tuned, much more on the way.CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!http://www.iraqveteran8888.comLike us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/iraqveteran88...Follow us on Instagram:http://instagram.com/mrsiraqveteran8888/http://instagram.com/chad_iv8888/Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/Iraqveteran8888Copyright 2017, 88 Industries, LLCDISCLAIMER: Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. All work on firearms should be carried out by a licensed individual and all state and federal rules apply to such. We (including YouTube) will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to your firearms resulting from attempting anything shown in any our videos. We do not endorse any specific product and this video is not an attempt to sell you a good or service. We are not a gun store and DO NOT sell or deal in firearms. Such a practice is heavily regulated and subject to applicable laws. We DO NOT sell parts, magazines, or firearms. These videos are free to watch and if anyone attempts to charge for this video notify us immediately. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.Fair Use: In the rare instance we include someone else’s footage it is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech. -

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APB Reloaded / / Montage Joker Carbine - semalt


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Assault Carbine A1 Clipping Fix - semalt

These anims were made by Shiny Hax, I'm just fixing clipping with certain barrel options because it was annoying me. Assault Carbine: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mod... Shiny: https://www.youtube.com/user/roberson... -

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Lego Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine - semalt

This gun is from jack streat's book "Lego Heavy Weapons" I did not show the mechanism as it may cause him to lose some money -

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Bulletstorm - Skillshot Guide: Peacemaker Carbine - semalt

Bulletstorm - Skillshot Guide: Peacemaker Carbine -

Seo Le Mollaret

Spiral Knights: Obsidian Carbine Demonstration - semalt

The obsidian carbine combines poison status with rapid fire shadow shots into a pretty effective package. Plus you also have a creepy/awesome charge attack to boot.Obsidian Edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri9gv...Obsidian Crusher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LccIT...Intro clip is from Life Of Sin(Pt.4) by MitiS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOuCS...He's offering the song for free over on his soundcloud, good stuff!https://soundcloud.com/mitisThe Outro tune is a clip from "Aeria" by ST★RLYTE - Check him out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM56K...Spiral Knights is developed by Three Rings and published by Sega. You can find out more about the game and download it through the link below.http://www.spiralknights.com/ -

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Inland M1 Carbine in action - semalt

M1 carbine is one of several authentic, accurate reproduction now made by Inland Mfg. inland-mfg.com -

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Heroes & Generals - M1A1 Carbine Gameplay - semalt

Great gun! -

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M1 Carbine - homemade tactical project - semalt

My vid is self-explanatory on how to make this pairing happen with an M1 Carbine metal handguard and a Magpul rail section. I hope M1 Carbine enthusiasts found this useful! FIELD TEST VID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcFwi... -

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Marlin 1894c .357 Mag Carbine - semalt

The Marlin 1894c is a very versatile rifle. It's handling is somewhere in between a bolt action rifle and semi auto. Chambered in .357 Mag/38 Spl it is a great match-up to your .357 Mag revolver, and makes for a great prepper rifle. Energy out of this rifle far exceeds that of the same round out of a pistol. The longer barrel gives for more complete burning of the powder and high velocities. You can expect well over a 1000 FT/LBS of energy from one of these rifles. Many consider these carbines to be a great deer hunting rifle for less than 200 yards. Home defense would be where I think this carbine could excel greatly. The .357 Mag is already well know for it's stopping power...double the energy and this thing is a freight train. Marlin 1894c:Caliber: 357 Mag. / 38 Spl.Capacity: 9-shot tubular magazineAction: Lever action with squared finger lever; side ejection; deeply blued metal surfaces; solid top receiver; hammer block safety.Stock: American black walnut straight-grip stock; cut checkering; rubber rifle butt pad; tough Mar-Shield® finish; swivel studs.Barrel: 18.5" with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling (6 grooves).Twist Rate: 1:16" r.h.Sights: Adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear, ramp front sight with brass bead and Wide-Scan™ hood. Solid top receiver tapped for scope mount; offset hammer spur (right or left hand) for scope use.Overall Length: 36"Weight: 6 lbs. -

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TOPジャパンのEBB(エレクトリック・ブローバック)システムのM4A1カービンです。実銃同様のアクション、薬莢の飛び出す仕掛けはまさにエポックメイキング!!トイガンの歴史にその名を刻む画期的な商品です。2011年3月17日に発売となりました。本動画はそのセカンドロットとなります。セカンドロットの変更点は★エキストラクターの強度UP★バッテリーコネクターの接続ミスを防ぐ為のコネクターカバーの付属品追加★新型リポバッテリーチャージャーに変更となっています。ULTIMATE EJECTION BLOWBACK -

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FN PS90 | 5.7x28 Bullpup Carbine - semalt

** FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA **https://www.facebook.com/NolanOutdoor...https://www.instagram.com/nolanoutdoo...https://twitter.com/Nolan_Outdoors_____________________________________________________________Subscriber Here - https://www.youtube.com/c/NolanOutdoors_______________________________________Support On Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/NolanOutdoors_______________________________________Channel Address:PO BOX 468Clinton, IN 47842_______________________________________Music From: Machinima Sound, Bensound, Incomtech & Pond5 -

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Underwood .30 Carbine Xtreme Cavitator - semalt

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://goo.gl/TCXIU7PURCHASE ONE OF OUR SHIRTS: https://www.forgedfromfreedom.com/col... SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST: http://goo.gl/6FAKIeSUPPORT IV8888 ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/iv8888MORE INFO: https://underwoodammo.com/product-tag...In this video we check out a very modern loading available for the M1 Carbine, the Underwood 85gr Xtreme Cavitator. These projectiles are designed to feed like a FMJ but provide devastating performance downrange much like a HP. Special thanks to Jon Patton over at The Gun Collective for his help with slow motion in this video. Stay tuned, much more on the way.THE GUN COLLECTIVE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJbU...CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!http://www.iraqveteran8888.comLike us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/iraqveteran88...Follow us on Instagram:http://instagram.com/mrsiraqveteran8888/http://instagram.com/chad_iv8888/Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/Iraqveteran8888Copyright 2017, 88 Industries, LLCFTC- This video contains a paid product placement in a syndicated professional video production; all opinions are our own and are neither approved nor disapproved by the advertiser.DISCLAIMER: Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. All work on firearms should be carried out by a licensed individual and all state and federal rules apply to such. We (including YouTube) will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to your firearms resulting from attempting anything shown in any our videos. We do not endorse any specific product and this video is not an attempt to sell you a good or service. We are not a gun store and DO NOT sell or deal in firearms. Such a practice is heavily regulated and subject to applicable laws. We DO NOT sell parts, magazines, or firearms. These videos are free to watch and if anyone attempts to charge for this video notify us immediately. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.Fair Use: In the rare instance we include someone else’s footage it is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech. -

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Ruger Deerfield Carbine 44 Magnum - semalt

Ruger Deerfield Carbine 44 Magnum.Thanks go out to Joe from Saltville VA for letting me shoot & review this awesome firearm. -

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Steyr M95 & M95 Carbine Bayonet - semalt

Just had to do a video showing the bayonet that arrived after some resto work.....it's one of my favorites. -

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New Model Blackhawk 30 Carbine - semalt

Shooting my New Model Blackhawk 30 Carbine -

Seo Radicondoli

Hi Point Carbine Muzzle Brake - semalt

In this video I show you how to install a muzzle brake on a Hi Point Carbine. It's not that hard and you don't need to thread it all. All you need is a allen wrench and just line it up. -

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Classic Army M15A4 Carbine Reivew - semalt

my M15 being reviewedgood gun it comes stock at 330fps but detreriorated over the year and is now 287..but the ROF is execellent -

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Home Defense: Pistol Caliber Carbine - semalt

This is not a "you should" video. It's a starting point for examining what weapons could fit in your home defense plan. Everyone's life is different and may require different needs depending on where you live, who lives with you, and what is your likely threat. PCC may not be the best choice if you live in bear country for example. -

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AirsoftPro - VFC VR16 Saber Carbine - semalt

İlk VFC ürün tanıtımımız, ancak nazara geldi herhalde, dökümanlarda baya sıkıntı yaşadık. Kurtarabildiğimizle yaptığımız videomuz ile karşınızdayız. Bu seferlik bizi hoşgörürsünüz.Daha fazla VFC ürünleriyle tekrardan sizlerle olacağız. -

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SRU Carbine Pistol SMG - YouTube - semalt

http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/catalogsea...SRU apply 3D-weaving technology on manufacturing. This way leads concepts boom out with no limitation, also makes it much more faster to push theses amazing ideas from SRU design house into the market.About Conversion KitSR-PDW-P3 is a tactical convertible carbine kit for Glock pistols. Compact bullpup gun body design with foldable stock. Versatile configurations for CQB or personal defense operation.SRU Carbine Pistol SMG 3D Printing Technology SR-PDW-P3 Bullpup kitInnovation Shape & Detail MarkingFoldable Stock20mm Rail Mount on Front (Left & Top rail)Compact Conceal Carry SizeVersatile configurations for CQB or Personal Defense OperationFit for Tokyo Marui G17/G18C GEN3 Series andWE G17/G18C/G34/G35 GEN3 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol -

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Airsoft Stag-15 M4 Carbine - semalt

I am showing the Airsoft Stag-15 M4 Airsoft Carbine. I will show the characteristics and performance.airsoft guns "airsoft gun" soft M4 Stag Carbine Stag-15 review firearm automatic rifle Echol USA 5.56MM "Echo 1 USA" sights iron metal polymer safe semi-auto auto trigger gun ammo bbs 20g performance clip magazine battery barrel buttstock rail target "On Target Airsoft" -

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BCM Carbine and Proctor Sling - semalt

My apologies for the video quality I only had a little time to do this and there was some bad weather moving in. I'll do a better one soon. Thanks for checking this out for more info check out my websitewww.wayofthegun.us -

Seo Ospedale

My 1942 Winchester M1 Carbine - semalt

Well, another M1 Carbine has found me....Check out my other videos. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe. Thanks for watching. https.//www.patreon.com/JonBoy09 -

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Carbine Paratrooper - Heroes and Generals - semalt

The Paratrooper is back and this time hes packing more heat than a leaf blower full of foam darts. Its the American Carbine Rifle! Hands down the most frustrating Rifle in the game, It is truly a weapon of Patience. Stay tuned for a special Warning Message about purchasing this Rifle.Like and Subscribe!http://www.twitch.tv/kotton - Live Showshttps://twitter.com/Kotton_Gamerhttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/Kott...http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/Music Credits:"Sports Action" , "A Darker Heart" ,"So Dramatic", "Zombie Rock"audionautix.com , http://www.audionautix.com/Saved/CCre... -

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